Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Here's where I'm at with FODMAPs

Here's what I tested & learned since I started the diet:

  • Fructans (all: wheat, onions, garlic, artichokes) - Bad
  • Fructose A (bananas, grapes, sugar, jam) - Small amounts okay
  • Fructose B (pears, apples) - Bad
  • Fructans (just wheat) - Bad
  • Fructose A (cantelope) - Bad
  • Galactans (lentils, chickpeas) - Good most times. One day I felt bad-- maybe too many lentils.
  • Galactans that contain fructans (black beans) - Bad
  • Fructans (just vegan mac n cheese (wheat pasta)) - Somewhat Bad
Then I went on pause -- chicken-style seitan w/buffalo sauce! s'mores! hard apple cider! brownies from the bakesale! Green Owl Po'Boy sandwich! Ian's vegan mac n cheese pizza! It was the yummiest weekend in a long time.

Then I went back to testing and re-tested fructans (just wheat: mac n cheese, sourdough bread, and thin mints (3rd time's a charm? I really like these foods and want them to work!)). My stomach hurt a little in the morning, but it might be worth it to me to eat these foods on occasion. Also, I felt like I had more energy biking home after work.

Next up: Polyols - cauliflower, avocado, and sweet corn. I already had some sweet corn earlier without realizing it was a challenge food, and I felt okay, so I'm optimistic! Mushrooms are in this category too, but I seemed to have issues with them before and I don't particularly like mushrooms, so I'll skip trying those for now.

Polyols is the last group I haven't tried yet, so after that, I'll start re-testing certain foods and amounts to see if I can eat some small amounts of other fruit, beans, vegetables, etc.

This is a long process...

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